Tailored Tutoring is a tutoring centre in Benoni that has been operating for the past five years. We offer education for primary students from Grade 4-7 and high school students.

Our curriculum of choice is Cambridge (CIE), but we are also an Impaq (CAPS) accredited centre, and offer GED.

We are passionate about education!

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We offer small classes with high quality tutors enabling us to provide each child with individual attention.

We take the approach that the tutors are there to work for the students and not the other way round, which is common in most main stream schools.

Borne out of a homeschool environment Tailored Tutoring offers its students the best of both worlds. Students are encouraged to participate and engage with tutors, renewing a love of learning!

Less stress than main stream schooling but at the same time offering the highest quality tutoring and curriculums.

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Registrations for 2021

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Please email to admin@tailoredtutoring.co.za