My home school journey started in 1999. I had no clue of what to do, or what adventures lay ahead of me. My early years were spent finding the ‘right' curriculum, which thankfully for the first few grades wasn't too difficult and allowed me to grow with my children, one grade at a time.

I loved watching my children thrive. I loved the time we had for extra murals. I loved the process of education versus the schooling that had formed my own childhood.

Then the high school years hit. We had decided to follow the Cambridge curriculum, so I diligently purchased the books and downloaded the curriculum for each subject. Before long, the challenges began. I couldn't teach every subject; I couldn't even get my head around every subject. I knew I needed help. Tutors were difficult to come by, and the tutors I found were experienced in the South African syllabi, but not necessarily on how to answer Cambridge papers.

My eldest wrote her first Cambridge papers in 2008. IGCSE wasn't too bad. We smiled. We had made it…just. AS level was next.

Once again, books, syllabi, tutors (who cost more now). She wrote her exams…and failed. I knew she knew her work, so why? I began to delve deeper into the papers, into the ‘how' of writing them. I discovered a whole new world. The way Cambridge work is so different to our SA system. I came to understand why the qualification was so valued. Along with teaching, the method of answering prepares the students for the real world. I was impressed, even more than I had been up to that point. She re-wrote…and passed!

Now, ten years later, with years of experience working on-line and face-to-face with many children,
I have worked to put an on-line curriculum together. Not just a rehashed textbook, or a skype lesson here and there,
but a daily adventure into each subject. My team of tutors have mastered the knowledge, application,
analysis and evaluation required to answer Cambridge questions in their specific subjects.

Let's see how we can help you!